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Body CareHealth & Beauty

Disinfectant Hand Gel 100 Ml

If you are looking for new market trending items, we present the Disinfectant Hand Gel 100 Ml! Capacity: 100 ml Type: Sanitizing Hand Gel FleshWash Colour: Transparent Contains: Ethyl alcohol...
€5.50 EUR
Health & BeautyHealth | Beauty

2 in 1 Cold Effect Massaging Ball Bolk InnovaGoods

InnovaGoods makes it easy to prioritise your personal care without any excuses, as it offers the best and latest beauty, relaxation and wellbeing items! The 2 in 1 Cold Effect...
€16.20 EUR
Cushions and PillowsHealth & Beauty

InnovaGoods U Side Sleepers Ergonomic Pillow

Discover the numerous benefits and advantages of the new InnovaGoods Wellness Relax U side sleepers ergonomic pillow! A U-shaped pillow that has been designed specifically to ensure that you sleep in the correct...
€22.10 EUR
For TravelHealth & Beauty

InnovaGoods Shiatsu Massage Seat Mat

Enjoy a relaxing and revitalising massage in the car, the office or at home with the new InnovaGoods Wellness Relax shiatsu massage seat mat! It is based on the ancient Japanese technique...
€53.80 EUR
Cushions and PillowsFor Travel

InnovaGoods Travel Relaxation Kit

Don't go on holiday without InnovaGoods Gadget Travel Relaxation Kit! This kit is the ideal travel buddy, perfect for guaranteeing better comfort and well-being during your time in the car or on...
€3.10 EUR
Cushions and PillowsFor Travel

Zap Nap Starship Pillow Travel Neck Cushion

Making long trips and resting are no longer incompatible thanks to the Zap Nap Starship Pillow travel neck cushion! This ergonomic cushion is perfect for you to travel by car,...
€6.90 EUR
Body CareFoot Deodorants

Foot Deodorant Babaria

The Foot Deodorant Babaria is an exclusive, top-quality product for body care. If you are looking for the best personal hygiene products, the 100 % original Babaria products are just...
€4.30 EUR
Body CareMoisturisers and Exfoliants

Moisturising Foot Cream Babaria

Would you like to have the best line of beauty treatments in your home with good quality products at a great price? Well don’t go without Moisturising Foot Cream Babaria!...
€4.40 EUR
Babies and ChildrenCamping and Mountain

Parches Antimosquitos Zoom Happy Faces Edition

Do you want to avoid being bitten by mosquitos this year? Protect your whole family with the Zoom Happy Faces Edition anti-mosquito patches, ideal for any age. Apply on top of clothes...
€1.60 EUR
Beauty TreatmentsFace and body treatments

InnovaGoods Vacuum Anti-Cellulite Device

That much-feared cellulite will no longer be a problem with the new InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté vacuum anti-cellulite device! An anti-cellulite massager based on the vacuum therapy technique. This new system works...
€22.50 EUR
Gifts for the HomeHealth & Beauty

InnovaGoods Electric Blanket 80 x 150 cm

You can now sleep in a warm, cosy bed this winter with the new InnovaGoods Home Climate electric blanket 80 x 150 cm! This quality bedspread is perfect for restful sleep and...
€22.60 EUR
Combs and brushesGifts for Women

InnovaGoods Haircut Guides with Rotating Level (Pack of 2)

Save time and money cutting your hair at home with the InnovaGoods Wellness Beauté haircut guides with rotating level (pack of 2)! You can easily cut layers, cut sideways, cut at an...
€4.20 EUR
Health & BeautyHealth | Beauty

Vibro Yoga Roll BTK Massager

Combine exercise and relaxation with the Vibro Yoga Roll BTK Massager! Its vibrating massage is very beneficial for the neck, back, waist, hips, thighs and calves. This massage roller can also be used...
€18.60 EUR
Cushions and PillowsHealth & Beauty

Jewel Bedding Memory Foam Pillow with Case

With the Jewel Bedding memory foam pillow with case your hours of sleep and relax will have better quality and comfort! This ergonomic neck pillow is very comfortable and soft with its...
€16.10 EUR
Body protectorsGifts for Older People

InnovaGoods Multifunction Protective Glasses

Don't suffer when cutting onions or cooking on barbecues by getting the InnovaGoods Kitchen Foodies multifunction protective glasses now! They are very practical for protecting eyes and avoiding the discomfort of having them watering...
€5.60 EUR
Beauty TreatmentsBody Care

Tooth Whitening Pencil InnovaGoods (Pack of 2)

InnovaGoods makes it easy to prioritise your personal care without any excuses, as it offers the best and latest beauty, relaxation and wellbeing items! The Tooth Whitening Pencil InnovaGoods (Pack...
€12.60 EUR
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